Surgery VR
A VR simulator has been developed for training students of surgical specialties of medical schools
•Software on external media
•Virtual reality helmet and controllers
•Gloves with tactile feedback (if ordered)
What functions does
How it works
Program launch

The user puts on VR goggles...

…and gloves (controllers)

The user enters the virtual operating room

The process is fully consistent with the real operation
  • Functionality for user navigation in the virtual stage space
has been developed
  • Created detailed 3D content, including 3D models of human organs and skeletal system
  • The functionality of interactive interaction of the user with
the objects of the virtual scene, including operational tools, has been developed;
  • Implementation of the patient's responses to external influences: injections, anesthesia, bleeding during incision.
  • Implementation of the Organic Tissue Deformation Model
  • Integration of the HTC VIVE virtual reality helmet, Valve Index, PIMAX and hand motion capture sensor into the game engine
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